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With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Buya has always been providing fine and rare timepieces of exquisite brands to customers, at the most reasonable price. Starting off from Hong Kong, we finally proceed to share our passion with watch enthusiasts around the globe by opening this online store.

Our logo is inspired by this tower that locates on the coast of Kowloon, Hong Kong. With a time ball apparatus housed, it operated to show time to navigators aboard ships on the renowned Victoria Harbour. A century later, whereas this building has long been obsolete, BUYA as a company taking root at the same place, has inherited the divine mission.

Buya is committed to the integrity of the luxury watch industry. We guarantee the authenticity of every watch that we sell. All listings on our site are actual inventory and readily available for purchase. To ascertain customers are receiving a watch in its highest quality standard, we thoroughly inspect the watch prior to a prompt and secure delivery.

Our team is ready to help you choose your next watch. Being here not only to address all your questions, we strive to provide you a meticulous online shopping service never seen before.

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding reputation, check out the reviews to see how our beloved customers think about us.

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